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Japan Day 11: Tokyo (Mt Mitake Pt.2)

Had a traditional Japanese breakfast cooked by the host! It felt healthy and filling. I want my breakfast to be like this everyday *_* The amazing view from mt Mitake.Check out these tall trees!After hiking for like 1hr+, we finally reached this hugeeee rock.The plants were frothing for some reason. Not sure if they’re poisonous??At the bottom of the hike, there was a pretty little stream!We finally reached the ayahironotaki waterfall!!!! It took us 3 hours to hike there and back. It was quite a tiny waterfall but there’s probably a spiritual meaning behind it. The lodging we stayed at conducts waterfall training (doing exercises and then standing under the falls for a full minute to clear the mind) but it sounded quite intense for us lol.A rest point for hikers to eat and drink.Such a pretty maple leaf! It’s probably sacred along with the rock.Close up of the waterfall.We had lunch at a small shop on the mountain. I ordered the kitsune (tofu skin) udon. Their udon was hand made and had matcha powder in it, along with water from the waterfall we visited. The noodles were really smooth and chewy, the perfect udon noodles I’ve ever eaten! The shop is called Momijiya, which means maple leaf shop.Leaving mt mitake 😦 i had a really good time admiring the nature and reminding myself that there’s so much more to life than the stresses I face back in my city home. Walking for hours in the beauty of nature, soaking in the fresh air and sounds of animals and crunching of rocks and sand beneath our feet was what my body needed. The queue for the cable car back down.The tram down was as steep as a rollercoaster!After reaching the city of Tokyo and checking into our new accommodation, we went to a nearby ramen restaurant for dinner. 

This restaurant was quite cool as they had shelves upon shelves of manga. Salarymen were eating while reading manga which was interesting to watch! I read about half of the first chapter of Naruto. Am surprised I could understand most of it lolol. It made me feel like watching naruto again!This ramen was really really good! It had pepper and…not sure what else lol. It was good grub for me after hourssss of traveling and hiking!


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