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Japan Day 12: Tokyo (Mario Cart, Tokyo Skytree)

This is how Akihabara looks like!A few months ago, we applied for an international driving license and booked a go carting session at maricar. It costs 6000yen for 2 hours (if you promise to give them a review!) They provided really clean costumes of mario, stitch, and other characters for you to wear while driving!

With our guide Shogo! He was really friendly and kept checking up on us to ask if we were alright! He also helped to take several pics of us along the way. We went past Tokyo tower, drove on the Rainbow bridge (which was basically an expressway), Odaiba and went to Ginza.

Apparently he studies at Waseda university! Same one which I did my exchange at. 

Felt like celebrities in our go karts waving to people along the way with them taking pics of us! Lorries beside us would also roll down their windows asking about the price.

We were really worried about it not being safe because there were no seat belts or helmets and it’s been a long while since we both drove (plus I just got my license back in December). I felt so tiny and vulnerable driving beside super huge lorries! And halfway through my engine stalled and I didn’t know how to start it again because the controls were at different parts from a car. 

But it was super worth it! It felt soooo exhilarating going at 60km/hr (I swear it felt like 120 instead), going so fast that my eyes were watering even with the protection of spectacles. Such an unreal experience which cannot be done in other countries except for Japan, with its nice and patient drivers lol. 

If you’re interested, you could search MariCar on google or Facebook. They prefer bookings through Facebook. Also get ready your international driving permit and passport before you go to Japan! You can’t drive the go kart without a license as it’s considered a legit vehicle with its own Japan license plate.

Explored akihabara a little after that. There’s a shop selling old gameboy cartridges cheaply!Also spotted a cute yuri on ice poster at a UFO catcher shop!We queued about 30mins for apparently the best Tsukemen in Tokyo – Rokurinsha Tsukemen. It’s located at Ramen street – First avenue of Tokyo station. Ordered the spicy tsukemen which cost about 900+yen and it was super filling and delicious! The soup was quite addictive till you couldn’t seem to stop eating till you’re done. 

We saw a Japanese woman at the table beside us ask to fill her tsukemen sauce with hot water to turn it into a soup, so we asked to do the same as well after we were done with the noodles. The soup version was really delicious!! I actually much prefer the soup version (well I’m more of a soup person after all), I can imagine eating ramen noodles in it! The flavorful broth reminded me of ichiran ramen’s soup, although both are actually quite different in taste.After that, we went to see the Tokyo skytree! It cost 2060 yen to get to the 350th floor. You can pay 1030 yen more to the 450th, but we decided not to. The skytree is the second tallest structure in the world (the first being the Burj Khalifa in Dubai)!Pretty city lights! They showed an Attack on Titan short clip featuring the Tokyo tower lol. The titan was gonna attack the tower, and they had to protect it lol.There was also a cute version of them talking after that!This map shows the view of Tokyo by a painter in the 1800s (Edo period). Interesting how Mt Fuji and Sumida river are constants even till today.On the 340th floor there was a section with a glass floor so you could look below. It felt pretty scary at first, but you could feel how sturdy the ground was still!


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