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Japan Day 13: Tokyo (Waseda university, Hamazushi, Odaiba Joypolis)

Visited my exchange university, Waseda today! I actually forgot my way there and had to check google maps lol. The school cafeteria. So strange to see all the trees green since I’ve only seen it orangey or just its branches during the autumn/winter semester.Bought red bean taiyaki along Takadanobaba street! It was crispy and delicious!For lunch, we ate at Hamazushi. I used to eat here a lot during exchange since it was so cheap (90 yen per plate during weekdays and 100 yen per plate on weekends) and the quality was pretty good too with a wide selection of sushi and other food and dessert. This cute robot welcomed us in!My favorite soba ever – duck soba! It’s soooo good, and they even add some yuzu which enhances the taste. This deserves a Michelin star despite it being from a cheap sushi place!We also did some experimenting and tried adding matcha powder (for tea) on chocolate ice cream. It made the chocolate taste slightly bitter and aromatic which was interesting lol.Boo! Spot the train station staff.Odaiba. It was so cloudy today, it rained this morning and early afternoon.Cant believe we drove through the rainbow bridge on a go kart lol. It looks super long and dangerous snaking over the sea.Caught drivers doing some drifting!Wanted to show mitch the gundam but it was under renovation D:We bought the night pass to Joypolis – an indoor arcade theme park. It cost 3000 yen (minus 300 yen for foreigner with passports and minus 1000 yen for night pass). The night pass starts from 5pm and the place closes at 10pm. We stayed all the way and managed to finish all the rides we wanted to try, plus repeated some of those we really liked too. Also played the UFO catcher as we had free coupons for it. Didn’t manage to get anything though 😦 saw a group with two huge bags full of stuffed toys lolol. They uncovered the secret to UFO catchers!!How Joypolis looks like. It’s completely indoors in a mall (Decks), and consists of 3 levels.This was kind of like snapchat’s face swap.My favorite ride in the theme park. You stand on a skateboardish machine (with straps on) and you’re supposed to press down with your feet when your board reaches the centre. 

If you’re near it and managed to press at the right timing, your board will spinnnn!! It goes up really high, and it felt so different as we were standing up throughout compared to sitting on a pirate ship.Bought chocolate milktea bubbletea from this shop. It was not bad, but the cup was too small!Me and Mitch’s spirit animals? Hahaha.One of the rides. This is insane as it turns upside down and spins around a lot.Initial D!The Ferris wheel at night. Didn’t manage to catch the rainbow bridge at night as we were rushing for our train home 😦We had dinner at macs as it was 24/7. I got the ginger pork burger, which tasted like Chinese home cooked food (because ginger). It had onions, ginger and ginger sauce, lettuce and pork with smooth buns. It was the first time I enjoyed everything in my burger – no mayonnaise or tomato slices or bbq sauce. So good! 


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