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Japan Day 14: Tokyo (Sunshine City, Tsukiji fish market, Harajuku, Meiji shrine, Shinjuku)

Today we went to Ikebukuro station to buy the Tokyo Wide Pass (useful for taking Day trips out of Tokyo). Then we decided to check out Sunshine City! There’s a super hugeee Pokémon centre there and lots of people were buying Pokémon merch.Check out this cute vulpix!

We ate unagi don at Tsukiji market for lunch (since we don’t like to eat sashimi). It was sooooo good!!! I actually ate at this place before, didn’t think I’d be able to find it again. It cost only 1050yen. Ughhh I wanna eat it again 😥Oh yeah, at Sunshine city, there was also J-world Tokyo with Jump characters like naruto and one piece, and Namjatown. We didn’t enter though as it looked more family and kid oriented than for young adults, and you had to pay about 800yen for admission.There was also a Pokémon tournament area with people battling with their Pokémon tiles. After that, we went to Harajukuuuu! Visited the Meiji shrine (which was a seriously long walk) and Takeshita street which was reallyyyyy crowded.Just look at that crowddd.Harajuku crepeee! We got the one with chocolate ice cream, brownie, whipped cream and bananas.For dinner, we had ichiran ramen again. So gooood as always! The queue was so long.The streets of Shinjuku. I love walking around here at night. So many interesting things to see!There was a hugeee Taito game arcade building, and they had Pokémon tournament game! It cost only 100yen per person, and one game had several rounds. I played two rounds against mitch!You can choose your Pokémon and the effects are really cool.Kabukicho! It’s a ref light district but didn’t feel that dangerous.

We also took neoprints (purikura) at the arcade. It was such a fun experience. How long has it been since I took neoprints!! I wonder why that culture kind of died out in Singapore.

 Chanced upon the Hanazono shrine festival in Shinjuku (which was why I planned to go to Shinjuku today). I wanted to let mitch have some Japanese festival feels. I love the atmosphere, with many people selling and buying food, playing games like shooting at prizes and catching goldfish, and youths hanging out with their friends at a shrine festival. 

Above is a DIY kakigori (ice kacang/shaved ice) where you can put whatever syrup you want. Just pay 300yen for the shaved ice! We put too much syrup so the ice melted quite fast into a slushie.Grilled corn!! My favorite thing in the woooorld (maybe). It cost 400yen but it tasted so sweet and juicy!! 

Wanted to buy a second one lol. (Might buy tonight as the festival still goes on today)Big crowd of mostly teens with their friends at the shrine!


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