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Japan Day 15: Tokyo (Kani Doraku Crab, Asakusa Sensoji Temple, Sunny Hills, Shibuya Crossing, Yamachan Wings)

We decided to eat a crab feast for lunch today, so we headed to Kani Doraku in Shinjuku. They have lunch sets costing 3000+ yen with several crab dishes! They also have branches all over Japan. It’s the one with the big crab figure!There was live guzheng music playing. So peaceful!The course menu.Crab sashimi and boiled crab. The Japanese like to emphasize on freshness, so their crabs don’t really have sauces unlike in Singapore. I love the taste of crab on its own, but I also enjoy our sg crabs with chili/black pepper/salted egg yolk/butter!Crab croquette. This might be one of my favorites in the course! The skin was so crispy and the insides contained a really thick cream of crab soup thing.This was like chicken rice except it’s crab rice. I should start trying to cook rice with various things and come up with the next perfect meat-rice combi like chicken rice.We could choose two kinds of desserts, and we chose matcha + vanilla ice cream and houjicha + vanilla ice cream. For some reason I don’t really like the taste of matcha (so I avoid anything matcha – ice cream, desserts – yes it’s unfortunate as everyone else seems to enjoy it T.T) so the houjicha one tasted much better to me. Kind of nutty and caffeine tasting.Spotted a festival performance at Shinjuku!Also went to Sensoji temple at Asakusa after.People waving smoke from the incense towards themselves for good luck. (I did that. I felt like I cursed my lungs instead)Melon bread with ice cream at asakusa! The bread was sooo crispy and flavorful!!! I want to eat it again T.T we were gonna buy a second one but they sold out already (at 4pm+)You can’t really tell in the pic but this dog was humongous and looked like a wolf!This is near Harajuku, Sunny Hills. There’s a dessert shop inside, but we came here because of the interesting architecture. Listening to mitch explain to me/verbalize his architectural thoughts and what his eyes are seeing makes me feel like I’m missing out on a part of the world as I couldn’t see the building in such a detailed way. Well I managed to get a glimpse of how he saw the place and the wooden planks and that was eye opening.Afte that, we went to see Shibuya Crossing. We snuck into the 25th floor of a hotel to take this photo lolol. The guy politely kicked us out (which was followed by a really awkward long wait for the hotel lift to get to the 25th floor while the guy who kicked us out was standing around behind us lol).Also found the Hachiko statue, with a cute sleeping cat (that’s real) underneath it! Maybe it’s warm in there?? I can’t believe it can sleep with so many people around taking pictures of and with it.Finally, for dinner we ate at Sekai no Yamachan for their famous peppery wings! They have branches all over Japan too, and originated from Nagoya, which is the first place I’ve been to in Japan (during my 2014 solo trip there). This is their yakisoba! Mini gyoza which tasted more like wantons. Think they used a different skin from normal gyoza.Bought 5 wings each. They were small, crispy, quite peppery and very addictive. I found it normal the first few times I ate at Yamachan but this time I found myself craving for more +_+ (but controlled myself lol).Instructions telling you how to eat wings the faster and proper way! I didn’t know you could eat wings like that lol, it’s like magic. But I prefer to slowly appreciate my wings!!They also had Kahlua, the only alcohol I like. It’s made of coffee, rum, vanilla bean and milk. Basically you can barely even taste the alcohol lol. 

And I’m quite sensitive to bitterness (which is why alcohol doesn’t taste good to me, not even the breezers or those with low alcoholic content), so it needs to be covered in lots of sweet stuff or masked under a different flavor (like coffee). Mitch said this tasted like alcoholic tiramisu!


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