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Japan Day 16: Tokyo (Nikko Edo Wonderland)

Breakfast for today! I’m gonna miss eating onigiri. Apparently we have it in Singapore but it’s not as good!You can see so many mountains in the distance! The view from nikko station. The journey took 2hours+ and the trains were all late for some reason today. The free shuttle bus to edo wonderland!Entrance to edo wonderland. It cost about 4000+ yen to enter. Quite pricey for just a feudal theme park. But I really love the Edo period feels you can get from walking around the place and seeing the staff (in samurai and ninja costumes) in character and being really friendly allll the time! 
Drinking water from Nikko falls.This was a ninja house where you can climb through trap doors and stuff. Pretty cool experience.Gotta squeeze through tiny holes and climb tiny steps up/down small spaces in the ninja house! (I totally wasn’t prepared with a camera and phone in both pockets)There was a cave leading to a big maze! It was quite tough trying to find the right route to the centre of the area, but we managed to do it after a few tries. I always wanted to go to a maze!!The view from the center of the maze. You could try to see the possible paths from here.Shuriken throwing! I didn’t try this as you needed to pay.Much Edo period feels!! I had Gintama feels the wholeeee time I was in there (the longest anime I ever watched – I’m now at episode 200+).Had lunch at a noodle restaurant!I ordered tan tan men which was their version of Chinese noodles. It was flavorful but doesn’t taste like Chinese noodles at all lol.Mitch ordered tonkotsu ramen with lots of pork slices.There was a place where you could grill your own senbei (rice cracker) for 150yen!Instructions.Mine started burning really quickly lolol.But in the end it tasted rly good!! We also “painted” it with soy sauce after baking it. Pretty much tasted like sg wang wang.Doggie in samurai costume inside a traditional looking carriage along with samurai owner!You could play tops here for free. It was difficult trying to get the top to spin, but fun!Mitch being a convict at an old jail.There was a live performance reenactinf the court procedures during the Edo period. It was good!! They also asked for a volunteer to be the judge (a little boy volunteered), and the show became sooo comical and funny! It was hard to catch a lot of it though (because Japanese).We fed lots of koi in the river with fish feed that cost 100yen.There was an optical illusion house which was one of the coolest parts of the theme park. Even though you know the place isn’t as tilted as you see, your eyes can’t handle it, which makes you feel as if you’re falling and gravity is crushing you. Very very interesting experience!!This picture makes it look like I’m rly good at bending backwards lol but the floor is just very tilted.Look at the stairs and then the wall behind! Everything was slanted! Balancing act.Sunset on the way home from Nikko.Went to Thali-Ya Indian restaurant near Nishi-Shinjuku station cause I was craving naan sooo badly. Their naan and curries are quite different from sg, much sweeter to cater to Japanese tastes. I prefer sg curry, but this was so satisfying and we were starving as it was 8pm+. I had the garlic naan and mitch had a rly cheesy naan.

The place also has free flow plain naan, so you could order however much you wanted. We ordered one extra plain naan after finishing our own naans but omg it was soooo gigantic I’m glad we didn’t order two!

The interior of the shop.A night shot of Shinjuku city. This was our third and possibly last time this trip walking around Shinjuku. I just love walking around there at night as the place feels so alive. *_*


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