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Japan Day 17: Tokyo (Mt. Fuji 5th Station, Houtou Noodles, Kawaguchiko)

Rush hour in Japan in the mornings. Being squashed on the train at the start of your day is not a good feeling T.T

We woke up earlier than normal today to go see Mt. Fuji! 

This is the Fujisan view express train to get from Otsuki station to Kawaguchiko station.The interior and exterior looks super nice!Another very cute train with different faces of the Fujisan mascot.A quick glimpse of fujisan from within the train!We left our apartment at around 8.45am and reached Kawaguchiko station at 11+am. The whole journey took more than 2 hours. We were really hungry by the time we got there, so we took a looog 17 minute walk to this nice Houtou noodles restaurant. They’re thick, flat noodles (like sg ban mian) and unique to the Fuji area. 

This restaurant is really big, called Kosaku Hoto. 

I had seafood houtou! I like how they’re generous with all the ingredients, it reminded me of the huge portions my mum cooks and which I usually eat at home during the weekends – lots of assorted vegetables and meat in a healthy miso based soup. It cost about 1700 yen. Quite pricey, but delicious and nutritious!Mitch had the spicy pork houtou, which tasted like kimchi! They gave a big portion of pork too.After lunch, we made the painful 20min walk back to Kawaguchiko station and bought the bus round trip tickets to Fujisan 5th station. It took an hour to reach there, and I dozed a lot within that hour hehe.Me with super majestic mt Fuji!!Almost every angle you take of the mountain looks like it can be on a postcard!Some pretty flowers I spotted in the garden of someone’s house! I wonder what it’s like to live just beside mt Fuji.We bought grape (another Yamanashi/Fuji area specialty) flavored soft cream, which tasted just like grape flavored hi-chew candy. It was still good though!After coming back down to Kawaguchiko station, we walked to Lake kawaguchi (Kawaguchiko). It was around 800m away from the station, which took us about 10-15minutes to get to the lake.Amazing view with the swan boats!You can’t view Mt Fuji from this side though. You’d have to walk further down which would probably take 15-20mins to almost the opposite end of the lake. So it’s a good recommendation to check the map on which side of the lake you should go!Had dinner at this restaurant which was just a 5 minute walk from Kawaguchiko station. It was ranked number 2 on TripAdvisor, and menu items were affordable at 600-1000+ yen. I had the chicken teriyaki set which came with fries, rice and chicken soup. Mitch had the beef cubes. The chicken was quite juicy but I found it average and similar to those I can find back in Singapore (e.g. At astons). The fries were crispy and flavorful and I liked the soup although mitch found it plain. He said the beef cubes were the most tender beef he’s ever tasted. 

There were only like 4 tables inside and 2 outside. We sat outside for the cool air compared to the stuffy smell of oil in the place. The food was quite good and the location convenient! We also had a good view from where we sat at the restaurant.You can see this view just beside Kawaguchiko station.We used the JR Tokyo Wide Pass for our day trips (to Nikko yesterday and Mt Fuji today). It costs 10,000yen for 3 days and can be used on JR trains, some Shinkansen, and other special trains like Fujisan expressway for example. Really useful and worth the money if you’re planning to go on day trips around Tokyo. A return trip to Nikko already costs slightly more than 10k yen.

You can get it at a JR East travel service counter. It’s slightly hard to find (we found it at Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stations) but worth the effort and time.This is how it’ll look like. You just show this pass to the manned gate at the side for JR trains or related trains you want to board. It doesn’t work for metro trains though (usually those with alphabets for symbols, like Fukutoshin line uses F).


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