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Japan Day 18: Boso Peninsula

Was craving some sort of red bean dessert the past few days and found this at the conbini. Red bean jelly/pudding! It tasted mildly sweet and perfect for my tastebuds.Tried out this chicken onigiri this morning. It was as delicious as the tuna mayo onigiri.Took multiple train rides (the whole journey lasted 3hours) to Boso peninsula. The view of the Tokyo bay sea from the train was marvelous!This is the train stop nearest to Mt Nokogiri.Very pretty view of all the shops and houses and cliffs by the sea!There were many eagles flying around. So magnificent looking *_*Managed to take a cool shot of mitch hehe.We planned to take the ropeway up to Mt Nokogiri but it was closed due to strong winds 😥 we were also too tired to hike up to the top sob sob.Had lunch at a nearby tiny shop managed by just one old woman. The gyoza was delicious! The yakisoba too!!! It all tasted quite homemade, done in a very delicious way. I ate every bite of it.For some reason they had a Merlion on their map (spot the merlion!)A lovers’ sanctuary (koibito no seichi). We went up there and rang the bell together!We initially wanted to go to Mother’s Farm as well but the bus timing was too late and we’d only have half an hour left when we reached there T.T (they close at 4.30pm). 

After walking around for awhile, we decided to head back to Tokyo.One of the buildings holding Tokyo station. So London looking!We came across a pet shop and they had all kinds of cute cats!Meow meow! What a cute kitten! (Although it looked really scared)Another cute kitten!And a cute dog! All the dogs were whimpering and cutely barking (I think they were waiting for food)We queued for 2hours for Kura Sushi (Ikebukuro branch) which has gachapon sushi at just 100yen per plate!Saw that there was fried corn and decided to try. It tasted like goreng pisang except it’s corn and felt too oily for me.My favorite sushi. Ebi with grilled teriyaki mayo (that’s what the menu says but I’m pretty sure it’s grilled cheese)Ended off our meal with tiramisu. We ate about 27 plates in total. I’ve never eaten so much sushi!! 


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