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Japan Day 19: Tokyo (Yokohama)

Breakfast for today!They have a theme park there, but it’s closed the day we went (Thursday) šŸ˜¦Interesting structure!We then went to the cup noodle museum!We got to draw on and customize our own cup noodle.

The exhibits in the museum were interesting, inspiring and interactive.What me and mitch drew!

We had shabu shabu buffet for lunch. There was a dessert table where you could make your own shaved ice and there was red bean and mochi too.Saw a shop selling the sylvanian family. Sooo cute!We wanted to visit the Kirin beer factory for a free tour and free beers, but they were closed already (at 4pm) T.T

So we went to their restaurant to drink some beer. Here’s their 0 alcohol beer. It still tasted rly like beer lol. I don’t like most alcohol cause they’re too bitter for me but drank it for experience anyway hahaha.

Yokohama Chinatown!At night we checked out the Osanbashi pier which was walkable from Chinatown (15min long walk)

Sat there for almost an hour filming the sunset for a nice time lapse.Someone’s doggie came up to us! It was so cute and friendly!Beautiful sun rays!For dinner, we went to Tonkatsu Maisen near Shibuya/Harajuku. We spent 3100yen each on the recommended kurobuta loin pork. Turns out we weren’t made for expensive food and we preferred normal cutlets more. The loin made it so hard to chew! It was average and not worth the price. But if we got a cheaper one (which isn’t loin) we probably would have enjoyed it more.

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