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Japan Day 20: Narita Airport (Goodbye Japan)

We actually returned to Singapore a few days ago, but spent the time trying to get our broken lives together (more on that in the next post). We’re somewhat okay now!

Last shot of the train station in Japan. Fukutoshin line – our trusty line we always used since it was close to our apartment. It was also close to my dormitory when i used to live in Japan for exchange too.Searched around the Narita airport website for good food to eat and we decided on this. Ramen done in a Chinese way! We had to wake up at 5am (only had 3 hours of sleep) to catch the flight lolol.I had their tonkotsu ramen and mitch had their tsukemen! Our last meal in Japan 😥 also it felt strange eating something as heavy as ramen at 8am in the morning lol. There were lots of Japanese in the restaurant slurping noodles with us too.One of the best ramen I’ve had (ichiran is at the top)! They catered to Chinese tastes by adding lots of spices and the flavor of fried shallots gave the ramen a unique Japanese-chinese taste. I also added chili oil and they even had chopped garlic (which I spammed inside my ramen). Garlic4life! Give this place a try if you’re in Narita airport and have time for a meal! Our flight! Ran into some issues like not being able to bring our skateboards into the plane lolol. (Same thing happened on the flight to Japan). I was so worried my hidden sake bottle I bought for a friend (180ml when the limit is 100ml) would be discovered and thrown away but phew there were no problems. Tilted view as the plane was turning.Snow-capped little mt Fuji!!The flight lasted 8-9 hours. We managed to see the sunset from the plane!Goodbye (sometimes) trusty wifi which helped us a lot esp in google maps.I knew I’d be craving something spicy and flavorful after 3 weeks in Japan, so when I booked the flight months ago, I preordered Nasi lemak! It looks gross but damnnnn it’s what I needed. Spontaneously a squirtle soft toy for mitch about 10mins before the departure for the flight lolol. He didn’t have a real souvenir to bring home so i decided to gift him one!

Things went upside down when we landed in Singapore. But I’ll talk about this in the next post.

The next day, we had Arnold’s fried chicken for lunch. A new branch recently opened at bedok! I really liked the seasoning used for the chicken skin (had hints of the taste of nasi lemak fried fish) but the chicken could have been juicier, buns crispier and fries crunchier. I haven’t really tried much fried chicken places, but for now I prefer Texas chicken for fried chicken! The day after, I went to collect my graduation commemoration gown and we ate mala at Ri Ri MaLa Xiang Guo (at People’s Park Food Centre, Chinatown)! We ordered a lot and it cost only $7+ per person (usually this amount of food would cost about $10+ per pax). However the mala taste wasn’t as fragrant as the one at bugis food court. Would like to try the best mala ever!Also realized the gongcha bubble tea shop at simei hasn’t changed to LiHo yet, so we went to buy our fav honey green tea (though I guess we could buy our own pearls and make it on our own lolol)Byebye gongcha! I’m not so affected by it as I only drink green tea with pearls (I don’t like milk or milktea and haven’t fallen in love with any of their special flavors) lolol.

A cat I saw by the window while walking to the train station today.

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