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Today, I signed my employment contract! I had to read through so many terms which took about half an hour. I’ll be working as a research assistant for elderly related issues! And then I spent 2hours+ being shuffled between different blocks for my health check-up.

The blood test hurt a lot more than what I remembered…it lasted for sooo long, felt like 5minutes!! The nurse tried distracting me by telling me the history of yishun pond (which I was looking out the window at). At first I was all “oh, this doesn’t hurt much”, but the sucking of the blood took forever and I was like sokdndneiwksdnejwjkdfll. 

I really love the physical environment of the hospital because of all the trees and ventilation. But the long working hours (8.30am-6pm) and the no extra pay for over-time work kind of worries me…Plus I’ll take 3hrs to travel to and from the place. So that’s 12.5hours spent working already! Hope I’ll still be able to squeeze some time out to do creative and fulfilling things at night. *_* Don’t give in to fatigue, Ivana!!!

Met up with mitch for dinner (trying not to leave him alone for too long) and we had a feast at Bedok 85!!! Ate sambal stingray which I’ve been craving throughout the whole Japan trip (well I was craving for anything sambal in general). Sambal chilli is something I miss whenever I go without chilli or eat too much plain food for awhile. It’s quite common around Southeast Asia! Also had satay and chicken wings! 

Unhealthy meal but super satisfying! (Though it’s time for me to slowly ease back into eating healthier and doing weekly workouts again).

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