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Asian Burrito

Hello! Yesterday, mitch and I decided to (attempt to) make a burrito!! They’re so expensive here in Singapore so I figured it’ll be better to try to make one ourselves. Headed to NTUC Fairprice Finest (cause it was the closest. Expensive tho) to get our ingredients!

We got a pre-made salsa so mitch can use the sauce to cook other stuff too!

The shredded cheeses used. It’s good to use a milder tasting cheese so the flavor doesn’t overpower the other ingredients in your burrito. Actually this applies to all the ingredients you’re gonna use!An article I read recommended slow-cooked meat but we just stir-fried minced pork along with the vegetables (onions and capsicums) and chilli padi. I think this was what gave the burrito a very Asian taste lolol.Boiled 3 potatoes and mashed them along with a slab of creamy butter! The potatoes were rly good!!! I just wanted to eat them as it was.

We also bought pre-made burrito wraps which made things a lot easier lolol.

Adding the assorted meat+veges!On goes the potato!A splash of salsa!(Many) sprinkles of cheese!

Then place it in the frying pan (flipping over halfway) to heat up the wrap and the contents again.My really ugly burrito!

Look at Mitch’s fidget spinner-shaped burrito (cause he packed it with too much things).

I love how it tasted, although it was waaay different from a Mexican burrito. I think all the ingredients really blended well together, and the chilli padi we threw in last minute spiced the whole burrito up satisfyingly! I’d do this again with more vegetables (perhaps raw or separately prepared from the meat) and slow-cooked meat!

Some other stuff that’s in my diet lately – phoooo! I also have a slight obsession with Vietnamese imperial rolls (the crunchy looking things at the back of the picture). I could eat 73828274 plates of those (if only I could afford it).

Also had keisuke ramen (one of my fav ramen in Singapore). Mine was crab stock ramen. Non-seafood lovers might not like it as the taste is quite pungent and even the soup was super thick despite choosing the lightest options when customizing my soup lolol. Still, I couldn’t stop slurping down the soup! This was from the branch at Suntec City!I got this as a souvenir when we went to the Boso Peninsula. I (being my usual cheapskate self) was trying out all the 試食 Shishoku (taste-test foods) at the gift shop and this happened to taste rly rly good that I had to buy it lolol.

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