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How to Buy USJ Tickets Online in Advance

Buying admission and express tickets from the official Universal Studios Japan website is definitely cheaper and more trustworthy than buying from external websites…but that is if you could navigate through a whole different language.

If you’re having trouble, here’s a guide on how to buy Universal Studios Japan tickets from the official USJ website! Be sure to buy your Express passes waaay in advance as they get sold out really quickly (you can buy up to 3 months in advance)!

Step 1:

Go to USJ’s official website (click here)!

Step 2:


Click on the button (circled in red) at the top right hand corner.

Step 3:


Click on this button to open a calendar where you can select the date you’d like to buy the ticket for.

Step 4:


A calendar of the current month would open, and you can select the date you prefer. You can buy tickets 3 months in advance, just press the right arrow on the top right hand corner to go to the next month. In the picture, I’ve selected 5th July 2017.

It’s recommended to go on Wednesdays and Thursdays as these days don’t usually coincide with school trips, long holidays or weekends. You can also go to this website to check the predicted crowdedness of the park on a certain day. White, light blue, and green days are good, whereas darker colors such as yellow and reds means the park would be quite crowded.

After clicking the date, you’d be brought back to the first screen again as below, except your date has been inputted in:


Step 5:


Scroll down a little until you see the blue row with “1日券” (it should be the second blue row). That’s the 1-day studio pass, and the prices are: 7600 yen for adults, 5100 yen for children and 6830 yen for seniors (above 65 years), taxes included. Click the orange button to add it to your cart.

There’s also other special seasonal admission passes such as the 1.5 day pass. You could use chrome translator (download it as an extension tool) if you prefer to buy such passes. *If you wish to buy the Express pass (to bypass long queues), which has to be bought on top of the admission pass, this will be further explained in this post!

Step 6:


Check to make sure that the date is correct. If it’s blank, just click on the arrow and select the date from the calendar again.


Scroll down a little and click the first circle. This means that your tickets will be issued as QR Codes, so you just have to print them out as PDF’s OR save them in your phones. On that day itself, you can present either a printed QR Code or just flash it on your phone for scanning (I’ve tried both ways and they work smoothly).


Select the number of admission tickets and click the orange button below to add them to the cart.

Step 7: (Optional) Express Passes

If you have the money to spend, I recommend you get the express passes (on top of the admission passes) as you get to skip long queues and maximize your day at the park. I was able to take practically all the rides I wanted to take because of the express pass.

[If you’re not interested in the Express Passes and just want to skip right ahead to payment, please proceed to Step 9!]

To add the express passes to your cart, scroll down to view the various types of express passes available. Click the white button to view the rides for each Express pass. You can use Chrome translate to see what rides are offered for each type of pass.

If you’d like to buy some of the common Express passes that are sold daily, such as the Universal Express Pass 7 Standard, Universal Express Pass 7 The Flying Dinosaur, Universal Express Pass 7 Backdrop, Universal Express Pass 4 The Flying Dinosaur, and Universal Express Pass 4 Minion Ride, scroll down until you see the blue bar with the words “毎日販売中” (as of 18 June 2017 it’s the 4th blue bar), as circled in red on the top left corner of the picture below.

I translated the rides offered for the aforementioned Express Passes, so click the image below to enlarge it. 


Click the orange button to add it to your cart.

Step 8:


As before, wait awhile for the system to load your date in. If it’s still not loaded, you can manually select it from the calendar.

Take note: Turn off your browser’s translator function at this step so the timings for the rides (which you’ll have to select later on) will load properly!

Select the first option for QR Code scanning. You just need to show the QR Code on your phone or paper to the staff at the Express entrance of the rides to use it.


Select the number of Express passes (red circle).

If you click the arrow (green circle in picture), you can choose the timings for which you wish to enter rides requiring timed tickets (applicable to Harry Potter rides and Minion ride).

To decide which timing you want, click the button (circled in blue), which will open a new window.


To understand this table, here’s an example: If you decide to select the timing of 9:30~12:40, according to the table:

  1. You can use the express pass for the minion ride from 9:30 to 10am.
  2. You can also enter the harry potter area from 11.20am onwards (the express pass serves as a timed entry ticket into the harry potter area – but on emptier days, timed entry tickets are not needed and you can enter and leave the harry potter world as you please).
  3. 11.40am – 12.10pm would be the time you can access the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey Ride using your express pass.
  4. 12.10pm – 12.40pm would be the Flight of the Hippogriff Ride (in the harry potter area)

All these are relevant only if your selected express passes include the Harry Potter or Minion rides. I would recommend to choose a timing where you can enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Area during the evening, as the place looks magical at night.


After selecting your timing, click the orange button to add the Express pass to your cart.

Step 9:


Click the button at the top right hand corner (circled in red) to access your cart.


It would show a summary of your cart. Turn on Translator and double check the contents of your cart and the date.


Scroll down to the bottom and select the last button (circled in red) to register for a USJ Account.

Step 10:

Fill out registration form.


  1. Last Name/Surname (English is accepted)
  2. First Name (English accepted)
  3. Last Name in Japanese Katakana (you could use Google translate – if you’re having trouble you can just use this surname [チャン]. It’s Chan; they won’t check your name for admission or express passes.)
  4. First Name in Japanese Katakana (For first name you could use [ハリ]. Harry/harley).
  5.  Birth date – Year, Month, Day
  6. Gender – left for Male, right for Female.
  7. Email address
  8. Password – 4 to 16 characters
  9. Confirm your password – type it again.
  10. Mobile phone number – you could just use your personal number even if it doesn’t work in Japan.
  11. Telephone number – use either the hotel/airbnb’s or your own

1812. Type in the postal code of your hotel/airbnb, it’s a 7-digit number (xxx-xxxx), but remove the dashes (-). Press the button beside it (circled in red). Most of the address should be automatically loaded in. If it’s not, manually fill in the rest of the address below.

13. Select the prefecture of your hotel/airbnb

14. City – it should end with ‘区’ in your japanese address.

15. Street number – it has 3 numbers with hyphens in between, e.g. 5-6-13

16. (Optional) Building/hotel name

Tick the square (circled in green) to accept the terms and conditions, and press the yellow button.

Step 11:


Select the credit card option (circled in red). The option below that is to pay at a Lawson convenience store in Japan.


  1. Credit card number
  2. Card expiry date
  3. Card security code/card verification number (CVC)
  4. Single payment or installments – select the left option for single payment straight away.

Scroll down and click the yellow button.

Scroll down and tick all 3 boxes (to verify that your credit card number, tickets, and date is correct) and click the yellow button.

Step 12:

Scroll down and click the blue buttons to download your QR codes. Each button corresponds to one ticket. Admission and express tickets are separate.

Yay! Congratulations, you did it! Enjoy your trip to USJ, you deserve it!!




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