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First day of work

Hello!! So I had my first day of work today. I woke up reallyyy early, at 5.20am and couldn’t sleep well the night before. I also reached the place about 45mins early lolol and just sat around outside listening to my ebook (currently reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, which is very motivating on having a good mindset to get money to work for you!)

Saw a doggie right outside the hospital! Wild dogs are rare, and it was just sitting in the middle of the field lol.

The people in the office were quite young and really friendly, and we all went out for lunch together (so my solo lunch woes and worries were gone). Had a lot of awkward moments and definitely feel tired after being brought on a tour around the hugeeee hospital, the wards, and having to read several things on a topic i’m not so familiar with.

Right now I feel cared for (cause I’m still a newbie), but I’m pretty sure in a week or two I’ll be dealt with just like a normal person and not treated as a special snowflake anymore, so I need to toughen myself up and learn the directions and my independence around the place before then!

They have a staff lounge for the hospital staff which is pretty cool, it comes with a big library, pool table, snooze room and karaoke room!

Finally! At the end of work (which passed by quite quickly, although I was just too overwhelmed by a new environment and people and things to feel good enough about it), I met up with my exchange friends! We ate at Ajiya Okonomiyaki restaurant, near Beauty World Centre/Bukit timah area!

The place looked like a legit okonomiyaki restaurant in Japan! You can even cook it yourself if you sit at the counter or get the person to cook it in front of you, and the price was decent, about $12-15.

Potato with cheese and mentai sauce! It was sooo good. Gotta buy some mentai sauce and just make this myself!

Bought yakisoba cause it’s been a long while since I had it. It was average!

Had the meat okonomiyaki which tasted delicious, very authentic!

Finally ended off our meal with udders ice cream. I had “mars snickers honeycomb vanilla” flavour lolol.

It was just a Tuesday but can’t believe we ate like it’s Friday!


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