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Heya guys! Last Friday, I headed down to clarke quay with mitch to eat at Menya Sakura! I was searching for good tsukemen (dipping noodles) in singapore and this was one of the recommended places.

Looks quite legit!

We both ordered the spicy tonkotsu. I liked the flavor cause it had a singaporean-ish taste, as compared to spicy tonkotsus in japan which usually taste sweeter and resemble more of a china dish (eg tastes like a sweet mapo tofu) than a japanese dish.

Mitch preferred the ones in japan though, and he said this soup tasted too fishy. The bonito taste was indeed quite strong, but I could take it hahahaha. The thickness of the sauce/soup was good! Towards the end of your meal, you can even ask them to add hot water to your thick soup to make it more ramen style. I only noticed that was a thing after seeing a japanese ask to fill up her tsukemen with hot water in japan!

Also wish the soup could have been hotter, though you can actually ask the waitresses to help you heat up the soup again.

Their noodles were perfectly thick and chewy! Wish they could have warmed the noodles too as they were reallyyy cold and dipping them into the soup didn’t manage to heat it up at all D’: also the seaweed wasn’t crispy anymore by the time it reached our tables.

Overall, I guess I’d rate it 3.8/5! Will come back again when I’m craving tsukemen.

We were seated by the river, so we slowly watched the sun set!

Pretty amazing how different the view looks in the span of just an hour or two. :’D

Also came across this cool view of a back alley contrasted with a high-rise building (probably with lots of salary men and women still slogging it away at their desks) at the back.

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