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How to Buy USJ Tickets Online in Advance

Buying admission and express tickets from the official Universal Studios Japan website is definitely cheaper and more trustworthy than buying from external websites…but that is if you could navigate through a whole different language. If you’re having trouble, here’s a guide on how to buy Universal Studios Japan tickets from the official USJ website! Be… Continue reading How to Buy USJ Tickets Online in Advance

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Japan Day 20: Narita Airport (Goodbye Japan)

We actually returned to Singapore a few days ago, but spent the time trying to get our broken lives together (more on that in the next post). We’re somewhat okay now! Last shot of the train station in Japan. Fukutoshin line – our trusty line we always used since it was close to our apartment. It… Continue reading Japan Day 20: Narita Airport (Goodbye Japan)

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Japan Day 19: Tokyo (Yokohama)

Breakfast for today!They have a theme park there, but it’s closed the day we went (Thursday) 😦Interesting structure!We then went to the cup noodle museum!We got to draw on and customize our own cup noodle. The exhibits in the museum were interesting, inspiring and interactive.What me and mitch drew! We had shabu shabu buffet for… Continue reading Japan Day 19: Tokyo (Yokohama)