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Japan Day 19: Tokyo (Yokohama)

Breakfast for today!They have a theme park there, but it’s closed the day we went (Thursday) šŸ˜¦Interesting structure!We then went to the cup noodle museum!We got to draw on and customize our own cup noodle. The exhibits in the museum were interesting, inspiring and interactive.What me and mitch drew! We had shabu shabu buffet for… Continue reading Japan Day 19: Tokyo (Yokohama)

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Japan Day 18: Boso Peninsula

Was craving some sort of red bean dessert the past few days and found this at the conbini. Red bean jelly/pudding! It tasted mildly sweet and perfect for my tastebuds.Tried out this chicken onigiri this morning. It was as delicious as the tuna mayo onigiri.Took multiple train rides (the whole journey lasted 3hours) to Boso… Continue reading Japan Day 18: Boso Peninsula